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  • Portable place markers for constellations on the go
  • Effective in family or organizational settings
  • Write-erase names directly on chips
  • Set of 20 place markers in 5 colors: US$49.95 (plus shipping & handling)
  • Bag & pen included. Bulk discounts available.

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Set of 20 RelationChips
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Refund Policy

Your set of RelationChips™ is warranteed to leave our office in new and complete condition. We pack our products with loving care (and well!) and guarantee they leave our hands in top shape. Should you receive a damaged package that has harmed the product, please take up the issue with the shipper. We are not responsible for damage that occurs in transit.

Should the unthinkable happen and you receive a damaged or defective set of RelationChips™, bag, or pen in an intact and undamaged shipping box, please contact us immediately and we will do what is needed to make it right. Should the unimaginable happen, and you are completely dissatisfied with the product once you receive it, simply return it to us insured for the value of the product, and once we receive the product, we will refund your credit card for the value of the items purchased.

To use your RelationChips:

  1. Work on a flat surface like a table or desk. Select persons or elements to represent in the system of relationships you wish to understand. Start with 5-8 chips. More can be added as needed. Select a chip for each person or element and write the name of the person or element in the center of the "head."
  2. Use the pen provided to write the names of the key elements for the constellation on the head of the chips. Be sure to use the wet-erase transparency marker provided. (Marks made by other pens may not come off.)
  3. Once all persons or elements are represented, take a moment to get centered and let yourself feel the issue. When you are ready, find a place for each RelationChip™ in the area you are working. Position the RelationChips™ relative to each other according to your felt sense of where those key elements stand in relation to each other. Use the "nose" on the RelationChips™ to show which direction each element is facing.
  4. Once you have set up the RelationChips™ - have a look at the pattern that results. Who is close, who is distant? Who is in, who is out? Who is missing? Which way are the various members of your constellation looking? Remember that "space is intelligent" and sense what each member of your constellation can or cannot do relative to the others. Notice the "negative spaces" – the spaces between the RelationChips™ – as well as the elements represented by the RelationChips™. Reflect on you issue, discuss the constellation with your facilitator, move or add RelationChips™ as you need to explore your issue.

To inquire about becoming a distributor, please contact us or phone us at (001) 503 678-2338.

Pen Info

Why the special pen? We discovered that the Stanford® Vis-a-Vis Wet-Erase Markers work best with the material the RelationChips™ are made from. Regular dry-erase markers come off on your fingers when you use the RelationChips™, and are very difficult to remove from the chip surface. We had to use acetone to get the dry-erase marks off. Definitely not handy! Permanent markers also require solvents, as do ink pens and some pencils.

In order to get the best life from your RelationChips™, please use the pen we provide. Replacements are available at most large office supply stores. Other brands of wet-erase markers also work, though we probably haven't tested them all. During various pen evaluations, we learned that BLACK wet-erase markers are best. Red colors like red, orange and purple tend to stain the Chips over time. With proper care, your chips should last a long time!

Stanford® Expo Vis-a-Vis Wet Erase Markers work the best. They are available through and many office supply stores. A good alternative is the Staedtler® Lumocolor Fine Tip Wet Erase overhead projection marker. These pens are available in Europe (and also on One pen that absolutely does NOT work is the Pentel Arts Wet Erase Erasable Chalk Marker. It stained the chips and as far as we could tell is not erasable in any circumstances! Stick with the Stanford® Expo Vis-a-Vis Wet Erase Markers or the Staedtler® Lumocolor Fine Tip Wet Erase overhead projection, non-permanent markers and your chips should provide you with years of use.

Online RelationChips App

At this time, Human Systems Institute is not offering the online app version of RelationChips. Please keep in touch going forward, as we hope to offer this once again soon.

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