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Welcome HSI Alumni!  Hopefully, you have seen our online Alumni Directory, accessible by clicking on the Community menu item, and then selecting the Alumni item. This site allows all HSI Alumni to add and edit a listing. Below are instructions for these actions. If you need assistance, contact us.

Start by Logging In

Adding or editing your listing begins by logging in. On the right-hand sidebar of all pages of this web site, you'll see a login button at the top. Click there and enter your usename and password. If you do not yet have an account, click "Create Account" at the bottom of the login page and follow the instructions given. HSI will approve all registrations, so please wait to hear from us before proceeding.

Once approved, return to the HSI web site login page and login.

How to Add a New Listing

Once logged in, you'll notice that the Community menu item atop the site now has a drop-down menu available. Select "Submit Alumni Directory Listing" from this menu.

You will be taken to a submission form associate with your user account. (All Alumni are allowed one entry in our directory.) Let's review the fields available for you to fill out:

  • NAME (required):  Our directory is alphabetized by last name, so enter your name like this:  Smith, Sally
  • BRIEF DESCRIPTION (required):  This is meant to be a brief, one or two-sentence description of you or your practice. The way our directory works is that we have a listing of everyone on the directory's front page, and then each alumnist gets his or own individual page. So, the BRIEF DESCRIPTION field is what shows on the front page only. Again, keep it as brief as possible, and keep it to simple text (no fancy fonts, sizes, or HTML please).
  • LONGER DESCRIPTION (required):  This is the information that will appear in your full profile (the individual web page that shows only your listing). For this area, we recommend a fuller bio, if you like. Still, you may want to enter just one or two paragraphs here, as you will be able to include a link to your web site in a moment.
  • MEDIA (optional):  Here's where you can upload a profile photo. Click "Search" and upload a photo of yourself from your computer. Keep in mind that the system will resize your submission to fit the sizing requirements of the system. Generally, this means that your photo will be fit to approximately 100 pixels wide. So, headshots tend to work best, although you're free to also upload a logo, illustration, or whatever you like. Smaller-sized photos will work better. If the system gives you any trouble (e.g., file size being too large or the photo being too large), try a smaller-sized photo.
  • COMPANY NAME (optional):  If your business or practice has a name, enter it here.
  • STREET (optional):  Field for street address, e.g. "101 Main St."
  • CITY (optional):  Field for city, e.g., "Anytown".
  • STATE (optional):  Field for state or province, e.g. "Maine".
  • POSTCODE (optional):  Field for post or zip code, e.g., "90210".
  • COUNTRY (optional):  Field for country. If you don't see yours, let us know and we'll add it to the available list.
  • TELEPHONE (optional): field for phone number.
  • FAX (optional): Field for fax line.
  • E-MAIL (optional):  Field for your email address.
  • WEBSITE (optional):  Field for your web site.  If you don't type in the "http://" part, the system will add it automatically.  We highly recommend adding a web link, as it's good for your site's SEO to have a link-back from ours. 
  • MAPS (optional):  This is a super feature, especially if you have a business or practice.  This feature will add a live Google Map to your full listing!  Here's how to make it work best:  
    • The easiest way is tobegin typing your address into the box. As you get more specific, the system displays possible addresses, based on Google Maps. Once you see yours, select it and you're done.
    • If you have trouble with that, another method is to locate your office on Google Maps. Usually, Google will indicate your address on the page on the top left. For example, it might list: "151 3rd St, San Francisco, CA 94103".  Copy and paste that into this field.
  • LIST ME ON THE MAIN DIRECTORY PAGE:  You need to select "Yes" here to be included.
  • PUBLISH MY LISTING:  Finally, you need to select "Yes" here to tell the system that you're okay with your listing, allowing it to be published. (You can save your listing without publishing it, if you'd like to return later to finish editing it. But, most people will just press "yes" on this one, and the listing will go live.)

A few notes:

  • Each Alumni is allowed one listing. If you have already submitted one and try to add another, the system will alert you that adding another item isn't possible.
  • The directory is meant to be a professional reference. We trust you to enter appropriate content only on the HSI web site.

How to Edit Your Existing Listing

Once logged in, you'll notice that the Community menu item atop the site now has a drop-down menu available. Select "Edit Alumni Directory Listing" from this menu. Provided you have already entered a listing, you'll see a link to your listing.

  • Clicking on your name will bring up a live preview on that page.
  • Clicking the yellow pencil icon will pull up a form you may use to edit your listing. (See above section for instructions on using the listing form.)
  • Clicking the red circle will delete your Alumni listing (so, be careful!)


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