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The primary purpose of this database is to provide an information forum for those facilitating constellations or using principles from Bert Hellinger's work in their professional or personal lives. We invite and encourage you to share information, experiences and new developments with others in the field.

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List of Articles

Heidi Baitinger

Francesca Mason Boring

Bob Conrad

Eelco de Geus

Dr. Ursula Franke

Wim Jurg, José Bloemer, Hans Doorewaards

Wim Jurg

Konkolÿ Thege, B., Petroll, C., Rivas, C., & Scholtens, S.

Mary Lansing, LMFT

Dr. Johannes Latzel

J. Edward Lynch, PhD

Eva Madelung

Gert Metz and Werner Messerigs

Jane Peterson

Jane Peterson and Valent Lees

Calista Streitmatter

Berthold Ulsamer

Thomas von Stosch

Gunthard Weber

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