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Awakening Group

Live Your Truth - Holistic Counseling, Training, and Consultation.
European Association on Systemic Consultancy

European Association on Systemic Consultancy

The European Association on Systemic Consultancy (EURASYC) was founded in 2007 as an initiative for gathering the large amount of professionals practicing Systemic Consultancy, Organisational Constellations, and Systemic Coaching.

Hellinger Institute of DC

The Hellinger Institute of DC is an educational institute founded to teach and promote the Family Constellations approach to individual and family issues developed by Bert Hellinger.
Internationational Systemic Constellations Association

Internationational Systemic Constellations Association

The mission of ISCA is to gather together the excitement and creativity generated by the Systemic Constellation approach throughout the world. In the process of doing this, the ISCA is dedicated to maintaining the values of cooperation and dialog marked by integrity, a love of truth, and open inquiry.

Konstelasyon Danismanlik

İstanbul: 0212 245 29 42 0532 612 85 17

Bursa: 0224 245 20 75 0533 399 27 52

Taos Institute, Taiwan

International Academy of Systemic Constellation

QQ: 1182132149

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