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EXPERIENCE & LEARN: Trainings & Mentor Groups.

How do they work?

Join a small group of like-minded individuals who meet each month online in a WebEx video-conference. With Jane’s expert guidance, we tackle the issues that stand between you and the success you desire.

What will I gain from participating?

Insight, support, and guidance specific to your situation. In addition, you learn from the questions and cases that other members bring. Jane is expert at tapping into the larger themes that affect all of our lives and addressing these larger concerns with each participant’s question.

What if I miss a session?

Sessions are recorded each month and are available in your private online Learning Space.

What investment is needed to participate?

A deposit of $100 holds your space and is applied to your first session. Session cost is divided among those on the conference and invoiced after each conference. A $20 monthly fee gives you access to the online classroom between conferences.

Who is the trainer?

Jane Peterson, PhD, is one of the leaders and innovators in the Constellation community, an international trainer of constellation work, both family and organizational, and a Master INFOSYON trainer. Learn more.

"Jane has the extraordinary ability to respond to a question from a specific member of a diverse group in such a way that her answer is equally valuable to everyone present. Jane has a rare combination of highly developed intuition and rigorously analytical intellect. She guides her students with precision and compassion to being their personal best as a Constellation Facilitator."

Alison Mezey

Current Online Mentor Groups

Constellation Facilitator Mentoring

Supporting others through change is challenging! Get support for yourself.

Most helping professionals have a supervisor or Community of Practice to aid them with challenging clients, nagging questions, perplexing situations, and all the surprises that happen when facilitating constellations. Jane has been in this field since the work first came to the US and has taught and done workshops in many countries world-wide. She brings warmth and wisdom to her coaching sessions and creates safe, supportive groups. Receive monthly coaching tailored to your needs. Enjoy all this without leaving home!

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