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Focused, 1-2 hour online trainings sessions with international expert, Jane Peterson, PhD.

RelationChips™ Online

Learn how to use this simple tool to quickly see the patterns that shape your clients’ issues and behavior. Jane will show you how to set up these constellations, read the chips, how to inquire effectively into your clients’ issues and their responses to the chips, and how to guide your clients to resolution in a short time.

Introduction to Somatic Imaging

A brief introduction to Jane’s Somatic Imaging work. Just by inquiring into your voice, face, and posture, your whole family constellation emerges. Gain an overview into the theory and method of this approach. Very complimentary to systemic constellation work.

Introduction to Organizational Constellations

An introduction to using the systemic-somatic approach of constellation work in organizational contexts. Includes languaging and ways to approach the “organizational mindset”.