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We're happy to announce this online program will start April 24th! Early registration closes April 15th. (Updated 3/15/2020)

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In this ten-session online course, we apply key concepts and methods from constellation work to organizations. Using a mixed teaching model of short teaching segments, learning activities, and cases from your workplace, you will learn to apply this powerful method to your own practice.

In addition to the support of a learning community, and an online classroom, sessions will be recorded so that if you miss a session or want to revisit a learning opportunity, you will be able to view that session later.


  • Quickly diagnose dysfunctional dynamics you can feel but can’t see, recognize leverage points, and know what to do with them.
  • Understand how and why people behave the way they do so you can lead more effectively and make better decisions.
  • Master key questions that reveal the patterns that create undesired outcomes in groups and organizations.
  • Know when you can’t do what you’re being asked to do, save yourself from “poison contracts” and unnecessary failure
  • Quickly shift your or your client’s viewpoint and create new possibilities for action.
  • Discover emergent possibilities in the system, opportunities you didn’t know existed, pivots that open new futures.
  • Gain new tools to access the implicit knowledge held in your organization.
  • Create high levels of engagement by integrating this approach into your practice.


  • Ten 2.5 hour Zoom sessions with Jane & group.
  • Short learning segments and learning activities for experiential learning.
  • Eight minimum cases facilitated by Jane from group.
  • Recordings of each session for review and making up missed sessions.
  • Online classroom for support.
  • Curated reading list.
  • Supportive learning activities between sessions in online classroom.
  • Peer group for practice sessions.
  • Integration project.


The program will take place online via Zoom webinar. To join you need only a computer, an internet browser, and a smart phone style or similar headset.

Program Trainer

Jane Peterson, PhD