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What can I expect to gain from this training?

You can expect to be able to incorporate constellation facilitation both in your work and your personal life. You gain a solid grounding in the fundamentals of this approach and the skills and personal coaching to use this method effectively. Even if you’ve already taken a training, this program will boost your skills, effectiveness, and confidence.

How does the program work?

The program alternates between in-person coaching and training sessions, and a rich online classroom and meeting environment. Three four-day in-person sessions anchor the program. Monthly online mentoring, plus the online classroom provide you with self-paced, in-depth learning between the in-person sessions.

What kind of commitment is involved?

The program takes place over eight months, with an additional three months access to the online classroom, and includes a FREE subscription to the RelationChips™ web app during the eight months of the coaching part of the program. In addition to the in-person sessions, monthly two-hour video-conferences with your learning cluster, and half-hour individual coaching sessions support your learning. Online learning modules take an average of 1-4 hours/week to complete.

What are the Logistics?

The program is split into 3 four-day sessions arranged about 3 months apart. Between sessions there is an online classroom, monthy group web-conferences, and individual coaching sessions.

Extra days will be offered for each session.

Sessions will be held at our new farmhouse south of Portland near the town of Donald.

Who is the trainer?

Jane Peterson, PhD, is one of the leaders and innovators in the Constellation community, an international trainer of the systemic-somatic approach, both with families and organizations, and a Master INFOSYON trainer. Learn more.

Program Testimonial:

"If you’re serious about becoming the best constellation facilitator you can be, I strongly suggest you take Jane Peterson’s training. Her understanding of the constellation process is vast and impressive. Her foundational training is a multidisciplinary investigation of all the component parts that come to play in the gestalt of a constellation process: our ancestral imprinting and entanglements; the orders of love; the knowledge of trauma; the interplay of attachment imprints and how they expresses in relationships and therefore in constellations; the ability to read somatic imaging; and the capacity to let go into the great Unknown Mystery.

"Jane has helped me build a self-orienting, client centered foundation for my facilitation that is fluid, specific and open. It is allowing me to perceive what my clients are showing me more accurately, and to more adeptly meet and support them as they transform the imprints that have helped shape their lives.

"Her teachings have given me a new solid footing to stand upon intellectually, emotionally, physically and professionally. I feel more integrated and secure as a facilitator with a better understanding of the knowledge that supports this amazing field. I’m more intimate and present with myself, my clients AND the great Unknown Mystery that envelopes all of us.

"Treat your professional-self to a gift….Take Jane’s training!"

Nancy Greenfield, Ph.D.

New program coming in 2018!

for Systemic Constellation Facilitators

Begins September 2018

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