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Organizational Constellation Online course still accepting new students through May 8th.
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Thursday, May 7th, noon Pacific time
FREE Coronavirus Webinar: Togetherness, too much or too little?

In this half-hour webinar, Jane shares a key element the virtual world doesn’t provide you, and gives tips on what to do when you’re either overwhelmed by people or lonely.
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Friday, May 8th, 10 AM Pacific time and 5 PM Pacific time.
Learn how to use redesigned RelationChips™ web app & do constellations online. Jane demonstrates our new version of the app, and shows how to use it to do constellations online. Beta test version is available for your exploration through May 10.
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June 12th through 14th
West Coast Constellations Intensive
is now online! Join Leslie Nipps, Suzi Tucker, and Jane Peterson as we explore the theme of Falling Apart to Come Together - so relevant for our times! Discover what is emerging from the challenges of the pandemic and much more. Early registration discount available through May 13th!

Early Fall 2020
Art of Constellation Facilitation Master Class on Group Dynamics (watch this space for date & registration link)
Using video coaching, observe & participate as master trainer, Jane Peterson, PhD, trains students in best practices for working with groups in constellation work. Four days, instructor led event in the Red Barn on our small farm in Aurora, Oregon.

September 12th through 13th, 2020
Radical Wholeness workshop
with embodiment wizard, Philip Shepard.
Join us for this special workshop with Philip Shepard, based in his ground-breaking healing work, radical wholeness. Instructor-led workshop in the Red Barn on our small farm in Aurora, Oregon.

November 11th through 15th, 2020
NASC Conference: Lighthouse of the Soul, Illuminating the Wisdom of the Ancestors. Colorado Springs, CO

Several expert constellation facilitators will be presenting, including Jane. The place to be for constellations in North America!