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Leaders get RESULTS by fostering relationships of trust.
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What can I expect?

Our focus is on delivering practical, outcome-based results for you and your executive team. Jane partners with you to ensure you achieve the results that you seek. Her work gently reveals the underlying dynamics that have kept you from reaching your goals, and quickly identifies the leverage points and methods for effective change. Her work is deeply effective and “sticky” – lasting beyond the coaching sessions and carrying you and your team forward to your goals.

How does coaching with Jane work?

As an organizational leader, you generate action through your influence with other people. Being able to regulate yourself, stay focused, and manage the dynamics of the relational systems driving your own and your team members’ behavior enables you to effectively lead your organization or team. Jane helps you identify the specific underlying patterns of behavior that motivate you and your team members, and enables you become the leader you want to be.

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