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What can I expect?

It’s easy to blame individuals when results are unsatisfactory, yet firing an employee rarely solves the underlying dynamics that led to the problem arising in the first place. By working with the deeper forces that shape your organization or team, Jane enables you to make changes that are lasting, ecological, and effective.

How does consulting with Jane work?

We first identify the “leverage point” opportunities for you and your team or organization. This may involve a systemic interview of key stakeholders in your sphere of influence to surface hidden assumptions, and operational and relationship dynamics that are causing you to fall short of your goals.

Using a participatory action-research based approach, we jointly develop a plan of action using the frameworks Jane has developed to improve organizational effectiveness. Jane provides you and your organization a cognitive framework you can truly put into practice. Experiential learning is the basis of lasting behavioral change. Through specific actions, we shift fundamental relational patterns to enable you and your organization to reach your goals.

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