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(UPDATED March 23, 2021)
Due to the continued presence and threat of the novel COVID-19 virus, The Human Systems Institute continues to offer only online workshops and consultations until the data and science allows in-person gatherings safely.

2021 Treasure Hunt Constellations, Series 2, is our current online constellation series. It is linked in the menu box to the right.
For information about in-person constellation workshops, how they work, and how they may be useful to you, continue to read below.

Is a Systemic Constellation workshop for me?

Constellation work bridges what your heart and gut know with the issues your mind has been trying to solve in a way that brings clarity and strength to move forward. Issues that involve relationships within living systems such as a family or work group are best addressed in constellation workshops. This could be a relationship:

  • with an important family member, friend, or co-worker.
  • with yourself, an illness, a career path or job, a past event that still haunts you, a stuck place you can’t seem to loosen.
  • within an organization, between departments, or people, or with goals, and so on.

What usually happens at a workshop?

If you choose to bring an issue you will be invited to present it, briefly, to Jane. Based on your conversation with Jane, she will suggest key people or elements of the system to include in your initial set-up. You may select members of the group to represent those people or elements, or representatives can be chosen in other ways. Once representatives are identified, then you may set the constellation up according to your felt sense so that you can “see” what you’ve been “feeling” from being inside your system. There are other ways to set up constellations as well if needed. Once the constellation is set, then we explore together the possibilities for resolution and reconciliation, or separation and differentiation, depending on what is needed, that are trying to emerge within your system.

What will I gain from a constellation?

Usually participants report the following benefits:

  • Increased clarity into formerly confusing or murky situations
  • Increased sense of peace and equanimity with the situation
  • New understandings and perspectives on their role and others’ experiences
  • New possibilities for action, or non-action, as is appropriate
  • Decrease in tension and stress around a situation
  • Loosening of old roles, rules, or stuckness and a new sense of possibility

What do I need to do to prepare?

If the issue involves family history, preparing brief genogram can be useful, but is not essential. Being open to new perspectives and possibilities is the most important attitude. A willingness to support others on their journey is also helpful.

Treasure Hunt Constellations:

Series 2


Life in the Liminal Zone.
–Jan. 31, 2021.
Me & You, Too. Dealing with sibling issues
–Feb. 27, 2021
Service without sacrifice.
–Mar. 27, 2021.
My career and me.
–Apr. 24, 2021.

All workshops 1-6 PM PST,

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