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Our RELATIONSHIPS thrive when we are safely seen & held.
EXPERIENCE & EVOLVE: Workshops & Consultations

Why do you do what you do?

This two-day workshop introduces you to the key concepts that drive your relationships both at work and with your family. Applicable to both organizations and families, these underlying motivating forces shape much of what we see unfolding in human relationships. Through experiential learning activities, you will explore the interplay of:

  • Conscience - the great pretender
  • Belonging - an inescapable part of being human that drives us in unexpected and unseen ways
  • Give and Taking - the dynamic balance that can make relationships thrive or fail
  • Attachment Styles - how our early pre-verbal patterning influences our view of other people and is quicker than our mind
  • Social Order - a felt but not often seen factor in our relationships.

These are real-world keys to your relationships, at home or at work.

Participants who attend the workshop have the option – at no extra charge – to join the public workshop on Sunday and observe Jane facilitating constellations.

The Key Concepts Workshop will be offered on the following dates:

September 21-22 -- click here to register
Plus Free Bonus Constellation Day (September 23). This course can serve as your prerequisite to attending the Art of Facilitation Program fall of 2018-Spring 2019.

October 12-13 -- click here to register