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Hands-On Constellations:
From the Table to the Floor and Back

Unwinding the patterns behind chronic pain

If you have a chronic pain in your body that just hasn’t gone away despite all your efforts and practitioners’ aid, this workshop is for you!

If you are a practitioner who works with these clients, this will provide you insight into the deeper causes behind your clients' resistant pain patterns.

Starting with Ali’s exquisite touch, the physical dynamic of a pain or other physical symptom will come to light. Jane will then explore the connection that pattern has to the family’s legacy and the client's current circumstances. Then the client will return to the table with Ali’s gentle "hands on" inquiry to learn what their soma has learned and how the underlying pain pattern has responded. From this beginning, we will continue to explore and unfold the connection between psyche, soma, and soul, and the paths these guide us to in healing. 

This is an experiential and experimental workshop, both for us and for you, as we explore the connection of family soul and somatic wisdom together. If you are interested in discovering how the family and life is expressed through the body, this workshop is for you!

We have up to four working places, and plenty of observer/representative placesWorking places are available on a first-come, first-served basis, so please register early to explore your issue with us.

Explore the ways our bodies call awareness to the connection between our life experience and our family history.

I’m delighted to be exploring this topic with my colleague, Ali Mezey. Ali has the best, most intelligent hands I’ve ever experienced! She’s a master at her craft who understands the body so deeply that her work sometimes seems miraculous.

In Ali’s words:
"The way I work has much in common with the way Jane facilitates and trains her students to work with Constellation clients. I see and feel your body, your intelligent and intentional soma, as a hologram of your past, a living web of tissue, and an interconnected system, all at once. I negotiate with your body through inquiry and feedback, much as Jane negotiates with a family system: recognizing blockages, opening them, and re-patterning that change into the whole system so that the benefits can endure. Physical connective tissue, and how it makes your body feel, is a perfect metaphor of your relationship system, within the body and within the family.

"As individuals, we are simultaneously expressing personal both our family’s DNA and the family’s lived history through our body. Any part of the body is both experiencing its own “personal” sensations and its response to its environment, epigenetic history, and current situation. Both pain and healing influence each other, weaving across the generations into the present."

Join us for this one-of-a-kind workshop!

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