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The Embodiment Series

A Body-Mind Centering® Workshop
Exploring Early Patterns of Relationship to Self and Others
with Mary Lou Seereiter


Nature creates patterns. Natural patterns occur in cycles. As humans, we organize ourselves through patterns of movement. From the earliest stages of embryology, fluid patterns of growth guide our development. From birth to walking, we progress through innate movement patterns that correspond and impact our brain development. How we complete and experience these patterns is influenced by our environment, the behavior and relationships of our caregivers, and our own personal propensities and curiosity. Revisiting these early patterns can open new pathways of choice and facilitate recognition of habitual patterns that may not serve us.

For those in the field of facilitating health and human potential, experiencing and embodying these patterns helps us to recognize what we see or don’t see in our clients and ourselves.

By coming from an embodied awareness, we can more realistically begin to feel what our clients may be grappling with. An embodied perspective of developmental patterns can help us facilitate awareness and embodied knowing in others.

In this workshop, we will explore the early patterns that help us establish a healthy relationship first to ourselves and then to others. Through guided movement explorations, discussion and shared experience, we will investigate the relational cycle of yield, push, reach and pull through an embodied experience. We will ask the question: how do we bond and how to we defend? How do we open and when and how do we close? Where do our boundaries exist? What are healthy boundaries? What cues is my body communicating to others? By experiencing these foundational patterns, you will be better able to attune to and recognize what your client's are showing you non-verbally, and to have an understanding of how to guide them to more resourceful pathways.



Dates: Sunday, March 24, 2019
Time: 10:00AM - 4:00PM;
Includes 1 hour lunch break from 1:00 to 2:00 pm (bring your lunch)

Pricing: $125.00
Alumni Pricing: $112.50

Location: Olmstead Rd PermaFarm in the Red Barn event space.
(Located south of Portland, Oregon USA, off Exit 278 from I-5 toward West)
19742 Olmstead Rd NE
Aurora, OR 97002

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