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In 2013, we were abruptly exposed to the underbelly of cronyism that drives environmentally (and ultimately economically) unsound practices in the homebuilding industry. In the process, we caught a glimpse of another way of creating human habitat, and we wanted to find a way to share this philosophy and model this way of life for others. This inspiration launched us out of our safe little cozy corner of Portland. We racked up a lot of local miles driving through outlying areas of the metropolis looking for a place to create our vision. This culminated in our purchasing raw land for a homestead outside of Portland in Aurora. Two permaculture design courses later, we’re starting the project.

Honey, we bought a FARM! Er… 5 Acres of Beat-up Dirt.

And the Olmstead Rd PermaFarm was born. At the moment it looks like dry, beat-up agricultural land, and we envision and are working to create a thriving permaculture farm.

Update: We are almost two years into this project by now and have completed our house and barn. The basic tree layers for our food forest are in place, though there is a LOT more to do to get the bones of this system together, it looks a different from the bare, weedy soil we started with. We’ve harvested melons and strawberries, and made tons of mistakes, and there is still a lot to learn.

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