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Kick started down the path of change

In 2013, we were abruptly exposed to the underbelly of cronyism that drives environmentally (and ultimately economically) unsound practices in the homebuilding industry. In the process, we caught a glimpse of another way of creating human habitat, and we wanted to find a way to share this philosophy and model this way of life for others. This inspiration launched us out of our safe little cozy corner of Portland. We racked up a lot of local miles driving through outlying areas of the metropolis looking for a place to create our vision. This culminated in our purchasing raw land for a homestead outside of Portland in Aurora. Two permaculture design courses later, we’re starting the project.

Honey, we bought a FARM! Er… 5 Acres of Beat-up Dirt.

And the Olmstead Rd PermaFarm was born. At the moment it looks like dry, beat-up agricultural land, and we envision and are working to create a thriving permaculture farm. More on that as we develop this project. If you ever get the hankering to “pull weeds or push a hoe”, let us know.

Living Systems Leadership Institute: When Constellations Meet Permaculture (and Much More…)

Our impulse for “Being the Change” we want to see in the world led us to create an Institute where people can come and immerse themselves in natural, healthy, living systems designed using permaculture principles. In contrast to traditional agriculture, which evolved from adapting nature to our metaphor of the machine, we see the evolving PermaFarm as a metaphor for understanding the complex living systems that underlie our increasingly urbanized, industrial life. Human organizations, from hospitals to cities, are also living systems: an interweaving of human beings, their industrial artifacts, and the web of life that supports us all. A better understanding of the principles that govern the complex behavior of living systems, especially human systems, will enable our leaders to make wise and intelligent decisions that will carry humanity forward into a sustainable, thriving future. As we develop the PermaFarm we will be co-evolving the Living Systems Leadership Institute as a site for local leaders to gain a deep understanding of how best to manage complex living systems.